Here are Some of Our Roofing Testimonials :

HaltonHillsRoofing-testimonialIcon Lynne, Georgetown  5star
“PETER the owner, estimate the price of reshingle the roof. the price was $500.00 to $1000.00 lower that other competitors in the same area. the price and type of shingles he offers us where outstanding. did job in one day and did a great clean up afterwards.”

HaltonHillsRoofing-testimonialIcon I Scott, Georgetown  5star

“Halton Hills Roofing was impressive to say the least from day one. From their pricing ( WHICH WAS MUCH LOWER THEN THE COMPETITORS BY HUNDREDS) to their professionalism and quality of work. I would recommend Halton Hills roofing to anyone looking for a quality roof at an affordable price.”

HaltonHillsRoofing-testimonialIcon Ashur Shiba, Mississauga  5star

“One of the best project was done on my house was done by Halton hills roofing I was very lucky to pick them to get my roof done. There price was good and there work was wonderful hard working guys with skills. So if you ever think getting your roof done just get haltonhillsroofing”

HaltonHillsRoofing-testimonialIcon Lindsay Robinson, Halton Hills  5star

“Peter from Halton Hills Roofing came over to give my husband and I a quote for our roof. He was very friendly and arrived on time! He quoted our job for the type of shingles, etc. required for our specific type of roof. We accepted his quote and were very pleased that his crew arrived exactly when he said they would and completed the job sticking to his quote and timeline. We will definitely refer our family and friends to Halton Hills Roofing!! Thanks again Peter & Crew4!”

HaltonHillsRoofing-testimonialIcon Susie, Brampton  5star

“We got three quotes this spring to have our roof reshingled. Normally I choose the middle quote believeing that the lowest quote is either a scam or a price to lure the desperate into a poor quality job and the highest quote is either a super deluxe job gold plating a brass ring or an average job that uses its price tag to lead some to believe it is better than it is. Well, I was in for a very pleasant surprise with Halton Hills Roofing. The quote came in a package with sample shingles, product information and references. The next quote was just one sheet of paper with the estimated number of bundles of shingles required for the job and the corresponding price for the job. The last quote had the estimated number of shingles required and a brochure from the shingle manufacturer. I went with Halton Hills and what a good decision that turned out to be. The workers were polite, efficient and careful. The product was excellent. The price, several hundred less than the next quote. I highly recommend Halton Hills Roofing!”

HaltonHillsRoofing-testimonialIcon PN, Etobicoke  5star

“These roofers came all the way from Georgetown to Etobicoke because they dealt previously with the owner of the other half of the building (semi). Despite the rain, and a low quote, they finished the job in 2 days. Usher and his crew did a professional job. The A/C and plants were covered to prevent damage, and they cleaned everything up afterwards. I highly recommend them. Unfortunately they don’t normally travel as far as Etobicoke.”

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