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At Halton Hills Roofing, these services are completely free of charge. That’s just one thing that sets us a part from the competition. Simply click the button below or call us and we will set a “next day” appointment for an on-site inspection.

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Our Roofing Estimates Are Thorough

When conducting our consultation, we will inspect siding, roof structure, shingles, gutters, skylights, and all of your roofing needs. If possible, we can sit down with you and discuss design ideas to get a further understanding of what you’d like to do. We can offer sample shingles and colour matches from over a dozen options.
Convenient Roofing Inspections
We appreciate that you have a busy lifestyle. When we set up the time for our roof estimate inspection, we will be as accomodating as possible to your schedule. If need be, we can even offer you a free external roof appraisal when you’re at work, and have it ready for you without you even having to lift a finger beyond dialing the phone to call us.

Priced Right Roofing Contracting

At Halton Hills Roofing, we work with integrity and can offer you very reasonable prices on great quality workmanship. Our seasoned professional team, top suppliers, and our warranty program make us stand out in the industry. We offer 50 year warranties for our products for a reason, our roofs last, enduring the wear and tear of everyday weather and saving you the money and hassles that come with lesser quality work.

Seasoned Professional Roofing Estimates and Advice

The Halton Hills Roofing Company was founded by Peter Weismann 23 years ago and has grown every year since it’s inception. With over 5,000 homes completed with satisfaction within the Halton Hills region. You get not only the benefit of a new roof, but the seasoned experience of a great team that know what they’re doing. Whether you need a change due to your roof’s age, or you want a glowing face lift, we have the expertise to give you what you want. It all starts with a Professional and No Obligation Free Consultation.

FREE Estimate & Shingle Upgrade
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Services To Meet Your Needs

Halton Hills Roofing does more than just full roof installations. Take a look at what else we offer:

Residential Roofing – your most trusted roofing service provider in Halton Hills region.

Commercial Roofing – we service flat roofs and offer the latest technology in insulation.

Roof Repairs – call us if you have leaks or season’s damage.

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